For the first time, workforce English proficiency by industry, company size and level of employee seniority has been ranked in a global report. The EF English Proficiency Index for Companies (EF EPIc) is survey of almost 115,000 employees carried out by EF Education First.  It aims to set national and international benchmarks for workforce English, against which individuals and companies can evaluate their communicative competitiveness.

Some key findings from the report:

•  The national workforces tend to have weaker English than the adult populations as a whole, particularly in Russia, Denmark and Japan. This is a trend that must be addressed by business leaders if they are serious about achieving international commercial success.

•  Middle-management speaks better English than both their superiors and subordinates. This could have grave implications for knowledge-sharing and operational efficiency within organizations.

•  There is a large variation in the English proficiency of different industries; Travel & Tourism and Consulting industries come out on top, with Retail and the Public sector performing the poorest.

The EF EPIc measures English proficiency levels in 18 industries and 24 countries, in companies with an annual turnover ranging from under USD1 million to over USD100 billion.

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